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So I was watching Rise of the Guardians the second time with my friends and they mention the leprechaun in the movie and so while I was appreciating the subtle awesome things in the movie, I was slowly creating this design for the leprechaun. I figure he would be a total charming, con-artist type because in legends and stuff leprechauns steal gold and I figure he’s the lucky type, maybe a full time gambler? And of course he has to be smooth and charming if he’s a con man. And that would also explain why he wouldn’t be a children’s guardian because con-men wouldn’t make good kiddie guards. I don’t know. He’s going about conning every other person who can and can’t be seen and he steals from everyone else who can’t see him maybe?

I’ll shut up now. ._.

December 7, 2012 @ 18:21 with 2 notes

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